Our Team

Staff Members

We’re a small, but mighty team committed to building more livable communities. Our work is creative, collaborative, and strategic. We get stuff done. We have fun. And, we fling rubber chickens.

Clark Anderson

Executive Director

Erica Heller, AICP

Senior Director

Joe Babeu

Director of Operations

Mackinzi Taylor, AICP

Project Manager

Angie Martell

Project Associate

Cathy Click

Manager of Development

Marissa Mommaerts

Project Manager

Brooke Murphy

Project Manager

Board of Directors

Tom Boyd

Chairman of the Board

Russ Forrest

Vice Chairman of the Board

Marianne Virgili

Board Director

Debra Figueroa

Board Director

Bobby Lipnick

Board Director

Elyse Howard

Board Director

Leslie Bethel

In Memoriam