Our Approach

We Help You Make Your Community a More Livable Place

Our approach is simple. We empower and enable local leaders—from community officials to citizen advocates and business leaders—with tools, information, and support to create more livable places. Through our Training & Assistance programs, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with community partners to craft practical solutions that fit their specific challenges and opportunities. Along the way, we work to build their civic capacity to better tackle new challenges down the road. Because we can’t be everywhere, we further provide Tools & Insights to give local leaders the resources and support they need to drive positive change in their communities.

How We Make It Happen


Strengthen Local Leadership

Local leaders are fundamental to building strong communities. Yet, leadership extends beyond an elected office. It is a collection of people and organizations working tirelessly to better their community for those who live there. We create a culture of civic leadership that empowers local leaders to drive greater impact.


Inspire Community Action

Lasting success emerges from and is propelled by a community—it cannot be delivered by an outside entity. We assist in building the capacity communities need to take action. Through our tools, insights, and analysis, communities can forge their own future.


Enable On-the-Ground Progress

We emphasize results by working with local partners to establish better policies and programs, while also providing resources that support implementation of best practices.

Our Values

We value progress. We are go-getters. 

We are impact-oriented and entrepreneurial.

We value people. We are collaborative.
We bring people together and have a lot of fun doing it.

We value fairness. We are inclusive.
We strive to prioritize equitable access for all people to participate in shaping the future of their community.

We value creativity. We are innovative problem solvers.
We use our expertise and strategic approach to deliver customized solutions.

We value community leadership. We are community guides.
We listen to the community’s wisdom and experience to co-develop solutions that will inspire action for years to come.

We value transparency.  We are accountable.
We are committed to honesty and openness and build trust in communities by being upfront and sticking to our word.

Who We Work With

Community Builders works with those involved in the process of building strong, equitable, and prosperous places. This includes local governments, state and regional entities, and foundations, philanthropists, and private sector professionals working in support of community building efforts.