Expanding Mobility & Creating Community

Transportation Choices Create Healthier Communities

Our transportation systems play a tremendous role in shaping our communities and the way they grow. Discerning local leaders know that building a strong, healthy community relies on creating safe, connected, multimodal transportation systems.

Unfortunately, transportation policies and investments throughout the American West continue to prioritize vehicular traffic over—and often at the expense of—other modes of transportation. The region’s transportation systems are not only a symptom of sprawl, they create it. This outdated approach presents major obstacles to creating livable communities.

Mobility Choices Lead to Increased Opportunity

Fortunately, a growing number of local leaders are working to build smarter transportation systems that provide a wider range of mobility choices. In doing so, they connect more people to more parts of the community, opening pathways to opportunity within the economy. These approaches, which are emerging in small towns and large cities alike, are catalyzing new investment and shaping healthier neighborhoods and more equitable communities.

How We Help

We work to enable and accelerate these efforts. We provide tools, information, and assistance to support cities, counties, state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), and others working to build transportation systems that expand mobility choices while creating strong and prosperous communities.

We do this by helping communities come together, often in partnership with state DOT’s, to plan and implement programs, policies, and projects that result in safe, connected, and multimodal transportation systems. We focus on three areas of opportunity:

Great streets are the foundation of a healthy, multimodal transportation system, and further add to the vitality of our downtowns and neighborhoods. We bring a community together to identify ways to create streets that are safe, accessible, connected, and support a healthy local economy.

Communities and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) are commonly confronted with an array of challenges when a highway runs through a downtown, along a main street, or through other neighborhoods. We help communities and DOTs come together to create balanced solutions that address transportation needs and community goals.

A growing number of communities are looking to reshape outdated commercial strips into more vibrant and walkable places. We bring a community together to craft a vision for those areas and identify the strategies and actions to make it happen.