We help local leaders build healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities to improve people’s lives today and ensure a sustainable tomorrow.


We work hand-in-hand with local partners wanting to shape strong, livable communities. At the same time, we provide information, tools, resources, and support to all change-makers working to build better communities.


From climate change to economic prosperity, public health to housing affordability, improving how we build our communities and economies is critical to tackling several of our most pressing challenges and make an impact.

Latest Features

Public Engagement Is Not a One-Night Stand

Tips for having a long-term relationship with engagement participants.

12 Days of Housing

Celebrating the holiday season with 12 days of housing tools & insights.

The Roadmap to Recovery

A tool to plan for economic recovery and resiliency in the wake of COVID-19.

Recent Tools & Insights

We often approach our public engagement process with a “one and done” mentality. We hope these engagement insights will give you some laughs this Valentine's Day.
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12 Days of Housing
As we prepare to celebrate this holiday season during a very turbulent year, we’re focusing on one of our priorities that feels especially important right now: housing.
  • Housing
Guest writer, Cheney Bostic, explains the struggles local businesses are going through right now, and introduces her guide, "The Friendly Business Guide for Outdoor Expansion."
  • Economy
With some clean up and investment, abandoned sites and buildings in your town could be economic drivers through this pandemic.
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When the time comes where we can engage on a more personal level we will have a whole new set of virtual tools available to add value to our work.
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The Roadmap to Recovery is designed to help local leaders navigate the myriad challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19, and help build an economy that’s more resilient than ever.
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Our Priorities


The transportation systems we build today will shape the communities we live in tomorrow.

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We’re upending economic development to create local economies that build lasting value and improve the lives of the people that live there.

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Strong communities are built with healthy neighborhoods that have housing choices people can afford.

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Land Use

New models of development are needed to respond to the demand for places that are better connected, more walkable, and truly authentic.

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