We help local leaders build healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities to improve people’s lives today and ensure a sustainable tomorrow.


We work hand-in-hand with local partners wanting to shape strong, livable communities. At the same time, we provide information, tools, resources, and support to all change-makers working to build better communities.


From climate change to economic prosperity, public health to housing affordability, improving how we build our communities and economies is critical to tackling several of our most pressing challenges and make an impact.

Latest Features

The Silverton Compass Project Film

The positive response to the recent New York Times article about the Compass Project in Silverton has been humbling and exciting. Many have asked to learn more, so…

From quaint canal towns to mega blocks, how a Chinese city pretzeled my planner’s brain

Shanghai is a city of extremes – it is both incredibly modern and ancient; wildly dense and charmingly quaint; a sea of asphalt and paved with waterways, lush gardens, and parks; packed with people and honking mopeds, but with green spaces quiet enough to hear birds. After a recent vacation there, as a planner, it boggles my mind.

Our Priorities


The transportation systems we build today will shape the communities we live in tomorrow.

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We’re upending economic development to create local economies that build lasting value and improve the lives of the people that live there.

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Strong communities are built with healthy neighborhoods that have housing choices people can afford.

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Land Use

New models of development are needed to respond to the demand for places that are better connected, more walkable, and truly authentic.

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