The way we build our communities shapes our lives today, as well as the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.  We work to create healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities—places that improve people’s lives today and shape a more sustainable future.



We work hand-in-hand with local partners wanting to shape strong, livable communities. At the same time, we provide information, tools, resources and support to all changemakers working to build better communities today and ensure a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.


From climate change to economic prosperity, public health to housing affordability, improving how we build our communities and economies is critical to tackling several of our most pressing challenges. Building more livable communities is one of the highest leverage ways to impact people’s lives today while shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Training | Building Better Places

Develop the skills your community needs to effectively plan for growth and change.

Trick-or-Treating Made Possible By… Livable Neighborhoods

What makes a good trick-or-treating neighborhood? Turns out, a lot of the same characteristics as a livable one.

Blog: 6 Misconceptions About Dollar Stores

See these common misconceptions about dollar stores and their impacts on local economies.

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What makes a good trick-or-treating neighborhood?
  • Housing
College campuses are a part of the community, too. See how 3 past CB project incorporated engagement from their higher education institutions.
  • Placemaking
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  • Projects & Programs
When a dollar store proposes a location in your community, what do you do? This blog debunks 10 common misconceptions about dollar stores and their impacts on local economies.
  • Economy
How Community Action Teams Give Real Voice to a Community
  • Civic Health
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  • Leadership
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  • Projects & Programs
How Durango’s ADU Policy Is Mitigating Their Affordable Housing Issues By Taylor Kidd   Known for their outdoor recreation accessibility and amenities, mountain towns...
  • Housing
Jim Charlier, President of Charlier Associates, Inc., is a transportation planner based in Denver.
  • Transportation

Our Priorities


The transportation systems we build today will shape the communities we live in tomorrow.

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We’re upending economic development to create local economies that build lasting value and improve the lives of the people that live there.

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Strong communities are built with healthy neighborhoods that have housing choices people can afford.

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Land Use

New models of development are needed to respond to the demand for places that are better connected, more walkable, and truly authentic.

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