We help local leaders build healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities—places that improve people’s lives today and shape a more sustainable future.


We work hand-in-hand with local partners wanting to shape strong, livable communities. At the same time, we provide information, tools, resources and support to all changemakers working to build better communities today and ensure a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.


From climate change to economic prosperity, public health to housing affordability, improving how we build our communities and economies is critical to tackling several of our most pressing challenges. Building more livable communities is one of the highest leverage ways to impact people’s lives today while shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

Latest Features

When Small Towns Take the Main Stage

Live music venues can serve as a vivacious cultural hub for their communities.

Missing Middle in the Burbs

A closer look at missing middle housing in unexpected places.

Report | Place Value

How communities attract, grow, and keep jobs and talent in the Rocky Mountain West.

Recent Tools & Insights

An eye-opening take on dollar stores and their impacts on local economies.
  • Economy
Community engagement is a huge contributor to project success. Three locals share the value of being part of Grand Junction, Colorado's Vibrant Together project.
  • Civic Health
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  • Community
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  • Leadership
Cities and towns can use these principles to temper parking debates, facilitate implementation of technical solutions, and improve public perceptions of municipal government
  • Transportation
Carbondale, Colorado's award-winning Creative District Director, Amy Kimberly, talks about her accomplishments and vision for her community.
  • Leadership
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  • Placemaking
Like many Colorado towns, the city of Durango struggles with affordable housing. However, an ADU policy and code update has diversified and increased their housing options.
  • Housing
Three communities incorporate strategies for greater engagement with the higher education institutions that call them home.
  • Assistance
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  • Placemaking

Our Priorities


The transportation systems we build today will shape the communities we live in tomorrow.

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We’re upending economic development to create local economies that build lasting value and improve the lives of the people that live there.

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Strong communities are built with healthy neighborhoods that have housing choices people can afford.

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Land Use

New models of development are needed to respond to the demand for places that are better connected, more walkable, and truly authentic.

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