What We Do

We’re designed to meet communities where they are and get them where they need to go. We provide Tools & Insights—webinars, research, technical resources, and stories—to arm them with the information and inspiration they need to guide their community forward. If communities need greater support, our Training & Assistance programs bring communities together to tackle key challenges and opportunities, while developing strategies to create meaningful on-the-ground progress. We further engage with partners by providing contract services for projects that are aligned with our approach and advance our mission.

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Training & Assistance

One-on-one support for communities.



Tools & Insights

Tips, tricks, and helpful knowledge for anyone interested in improving their community.



Contract Services

Project support that aligns with our approach and advances our mission.


Our Expertise

Planning & Design

Livable communities include diverse and affordable housing stock, versatile mobility options, great jobs, and an authentic sense of place. From planning to strategy development, we help communities address issues around placemaking, housing, redevelopment, comprehensive and neighborhood planning, and economic development.


We work to establish the partnerships, funding structures, and capital investments that bring a project to fruition. While low-cost placemaking projects are symbols of success, prolonged strategies are often required. We also provide policy recommendations that will enable broader progress. With each endeavor, we pursue results and meaningful change.

Research & Analysis

Communities need to gather and understand data before they’re able to address their challenges and opportunities. We help local leaders discern the details to identify their assets and build on them. We further support them in creating a shared conversation about their findings with the community. We accomplish this through market and economic analysis, monitoring, evaluation, and investigating best practices and policy reform.

Building Civic Health

Too often, the decisions that impact an entire community are made by a handful of people. This is poor civic health. We believe every member of a community is capable of understanding issues and giving an impactful voice. Effective civic engagement meets people where they are—empowering them to take part in their community. To accomplish this, we provide process design, engagement strategies, visioning, partnership development, and facilitation.

Communication and Storytelling

We believe in the power of story. Throughout our work, we’ve seen how stories can drive meaningful change. From success stories to lessons learned, we use these insights to engage and inspire audiences through public speaking, media production, and traditional and digital media outreach.

Capacity Building

Building the capacity of local leaders is an essential component of creating healthy, equitable, and prosperous places. When armed with the proper tools, people are equipped to create a substantial impact. We provide training, workshops, webinars, and leadership development to empower those working to drive lasting change within their communities.

Our Work

We work throughout the American West with all kinds of communities experiencing all kinds of issues. From small towns to growing cities, we assist in grounding strong local partnerships and engaging the entire community in an effort to create healthy, equitable, and prosperous places.

Silverton, Colorado

Bringing a community together to create a vision and strategy for a more resilient future.

Rifle, Colorado

Diversifying Economy Through Strategic Downtown and River Front Investment

Taos, New Mexico

Embracing Culture and History Towards a Better Downtown Taos

Breaking the Code Toolkit

A Guidebook and Tool for "Do It Yourself" Code Reform

Hotchkiss, Colorado

Rethinking Economic Priorities in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Sheridan, Wyoming

Creating a Prosperous Main Street Through Placemaking and Streetscape

Pocatello, Idaho

Reinvestment in the Warehouse District Through Community Placemaking and Streetscape

West End, Colorado

Building Sustainability for Regional Entrepreneurial Support Systems

Lovell, Wyoming

Aligning Land Use Code with Community Housing Goals in Lovell

Lander, Wyoming

Aligning Land Use Code with Community Housing Goals in Lander

Quad Cities, Idaho

Regional Collaboration Strategy for Multimodal Transportation and Investment

Gunnison Valley, Colorado

Regional Economic Prosperity Through Community Vision

Grand Junction, Colorado | Housing Study

Expanding Housing Choices in Downtown Grand Junction

Grand Junction, Colorado | I-70 Business Loop

Increasing Downtown Vitality Through I-70B Corridor

Gunnison, Colorado

Designing a Vibrant Downtown Through Local Leadership

Laramie, Wyoming | Housing Study

​​Sparking the Economy Through Housing Investment

Hamilton, Montana

Safety, Connectivity, and Beautification at Hwy 93/Main St. Intersection

Victor, Idaho

Activating Downtown Victor- A Strategic Plan

Durango, Colorado

Streetscape Improvements on North Main Ave.

Salida, Colorado

Re-Visioning Highway 50 / Rainbow Boulevard

Grand Junction, Colorado

Creating Vibrancy Through Connectivity, Placemaking, and Development

Eagle, Colorado

Connecting the Heart of Eagle to the Soul of the River

Fraser, Colorado

Improving Safety and Multimodal Function of US Highway 40

Central City, Colorado

Downtown Connectivity and Circulation in Central City

Laramie, Wyoming | Highway 287

An Action Plan for Enhancing 3rd Street by 2020

Hailey, Idaho

Activating Hailey Through Placemaking and Street Design

Butte, Montana

Investment in Historic Uptown Butte

Anaconda, Montana

From One-Way Couplet to Downtown Placemaking

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Increasing Community Connectivity in Bonners Ferry’s South Hill Neighborhood

Cascade, Idaho

An Action Plan for Safer Biking and Walking

East Missoula, Montana

Creating a Safe and Inviting Highway 200 Corridor in East Missoula

Missoula, Montana | Russell Street

Activating Russell Street for Pedestrian Mobility

Missoula, Montana | Brooks Street

Midtown in Focus: Innovative Land Use Planning in a Transit Corridor