Russ Forrest

Vice Chairman of the Board

Russ Forrest is currently the Town Manager of the town of Vail and is the former City Manager of the city of Gunnison in Western Colorado. He was the Assistant County Manager and Community Development Director for Gunnison County from 2013–2016. Russ worked as the Town Manager in Snowmass from 2007-2013 and was the Community Development Director in Vail from 1992–2007. Before moving to Colorado, Russ worked for the US Army Environmental Policy Institute on NEPA and other environmental policy issues. He received his B.A. and Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Illinois.

During his tenure with Gunnison County, Russ partnered with Community Builders to complete the One Valley Prosperity Project, a community-based vision for prosperity in Gunnison Valley—and the strategies, partnerships, and coordination to make it happen. He continued the partnership with the Gunnison Vibrancy Initiative for the City of Gunnison. Russ has been a vocal supporter of Community Builders since then.