Quad Cities, Idaho

Regional Collaboration Strategy for Multimodal Transportation and Investment

Quad Cities, Idaho | Completed 2016

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After participating in a Community Builders Leadership Institute in Boise in November 2014, the four Bonner County communities of Dover, Kootenai, Ponderay, and Sandpoint united to solve regional issues surrounding land use and transportation. The four communities are connected by State Highway 2 and assembled as the 2/200 Committee during the project. This group was charged with addressing the need for new regional coordination relating to land use and transportation investment along 8.2 miles of the State Highway as it traverses the Quad Cities.

The 2/200 Committee successfully applied to Community Builders Technical Assistance program to help them in crafting a unified vision for the Highway 2/200 corridor in collaboration with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

In December 2015, a four-day planning workshop was held to identify ways in which the communities and IDT could improve the safety, livability, community identity, and multimodal friendliness of the Highway 2/200 corridor. Key issues included pedestrian safety along several parts of the highway, needs for regional bicycle system connectivity, lack of transit stops, freight movement concerns, and desired investment in various properties along the corridor.

The week-long event included public open houses, site visits, and stakeholder meetings. Community Builders met with local businesses, schools, and trucking representatives to engage several areas of the community, while a luncheon for elected officials and key stakeholders was held. A hands-on design session took place to identify site-specific issues and develop design concepts for various portions of the corridor.

Through this process, we were able to identify 10 key issues and opportunities for the Quad Cities:

  1. Gateways
  2. Core Areas
  3. Multi-Use Paths
  4. Freight
  5. Railroads
  6. Spot Transit
  7. Snow and Storm Water
  8. Pedestrian Crossings
  9. Medians & Center Turn Lanes
  10. Angled Intersections

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