Laramie, Wyoming | Highway 287

An Action Plan for Enhancing 3rd Street by 2020

Laramie, Wyoming  |  2016

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US Highway 287 and 30 is a major north-south route that runs through the heart of historic downtown Laramie, Wyoming (population 32,081). As the highway travels through Laramie, it becomes 3rd Street, a four-lane road with on-street parking that experiences a relatively high number of automobile accidents. This is most likely due to the lack of designated turning lanes and signalized intersections that offer opportunities for pedestrians to safely cross the street.

In 2016, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) announced plans for a 3rd street improvement project (seated to happen in 2020, but the project has since been pushed back). To explore ways that the upcoming project could be leveraged, Laramie hired Community Builders (CB) and Charlier Associates, Inc. to work with local partners to improve the safety and economic viability of the 3rd Street corridor.

In August 2016, Community Builders participated in a three-day site visit that employed a number of engagement techniques to facilitate stakeholder and community involvement in crafting a shared vision, goals, design solutions, strategic implementation actions, and success metrics for the 3rd Street corridor.

Stakeholder sessions with the Laramie Main Street Alliance, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, business owners, property owners, and the community were held throughout the project. Walking tours and public open houses also gave the community an opportunity to engage and provide feedback. 

The process resulted in a step-by-step action plan, called “3, 2, 1… 3rd Street! An action plan for enhancing 3rd Street by 2020.” The plan dictates how to transform 3rd Street into a corridor that continues to serve the transportation needs of the community, while also fostering economic growth and pedestrian and bicycle safety in the city’s core.

Further, the engagement that stemmed from the site visit between local partners and stakeholders will help cultivate collaborative partnerships between the key entities involved with the 3rd Street transformation. These partnerships are essential to the implementation of action items identified through technical assistance.

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