Parking Episode 3: How Transportation Technology Trends are Reshaping the Parking Landscape




Like it or not, parking policies have a dramatic impact on the ways our communities and economies develop and grow. Unfortunately, there are few community issues that are more challenging to wrestle with. This three-part webinar series on parking will help views have a better understanding of how to craft good parking policies that help advance broader community goals. Featuring nationally recognized transportation planner Jim Charlier of Charlier Associates, this series includes guest speakers and case studies on good parking practices from communities across the Western states.

  1. Episode 1 covers the basics of what makes for good parking policy.
  2. Episode 2 discusses parking management strategies that support your community’s walkability, housing, and development goals.
  3. This episode (EP.3) explores emerging technology trends that are shaping the parking landscape in the West.


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Sometimes it seems like the transportation “tech boom” is bypassing smaller towns and cities in the Western states. Services like Lyft and Uber are focused on large cities.  Car-share systems are gradually showing up in smaller cities but may not be having much impact yet. And the high-capacity transit services that receive so much attention in Denver and Salt Lake City are beyond reach in rural communities.  These trends are impacting parking demand and parking management in urban areas, but what do they have to offer in places like Lander WY, Twin Falls ID, or Livingston MT?

This session will examine two transformative trends. The first is the rise of the sharing economy, private sector ride-hailing services, autonomous vehicles and associated web-based tools for trip planning, ride hailing and fare payment.  The second is the emergence of new parking technologies like parking space sensors, automated vehicle identification and payment systems, and web-based tools for finding parking spaces and for paying parking fees and fines.

Kenzie Coulson //
Manager // Parking & Fleet // Park City, Utah
James F. Charlier
, AICP // President // Charlier Associates, Inc.

This webinar aired on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Eligible for 1 AICP CM credit from the American Planning Association, event #9142999.

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