Introducing Community Builders’ Colorado Mountain and Rural Places Project

As a Colorado based organization, we’ve always held a soft spot for the communities of the Centennial State. And while we continue our work across the larger Rocky Mountain region, our new Colorado Mountain and Rural Places Project reflects an even stronger commitment to the social, environmental and economic well-being of Colorado’s cherished mountain and rural communities. 

A Moment of Challenge and Opportunity 

Colorado’s mountain towns and rural communities face unprecedented challenges at a time of deepening political division. Unfortunately, many small cities, towns and rural areas lack the tools and capacity to effectively navigate change, much less contend with a legacy of poorly planned growth that threatens our environment, diminishes our sense of community, and creates weak, inequitable local economies. 

We must do better. We will not be able to tackle our most pressing challenges – climate change, housing affordability, economic inequality, traffic and pedestrian safety, water scarcity – without changing how we build our communities and economies. 

Fortunately, many communities and local leaders are ready to chart a better course. They are working to create more affordable neighborhoods, vibrant and walkable downtowns, and healthy, connected regions.  We’re here to help them. Together, we’re shaping livable communities and resilient economies that expand opportunity and offer a more sustainable future for all of Colorado.  

Yet, progress is hard. Breaking from the status quo relies on undoing decades of outdated and inequitable systems, policies and paradigms that guide the decisions and investments that shape our communities and economies. 

Our approach addresses these realities, helping communities break through political, technical, and financial barriers to realize positive, community-driven change. CMRP focuses our resources and capacity in Colorado’s rapidly changing communities to drive on-the-ground impact through our proven programs: 

Training and Leadership. Designed to strengthen local leadership and civic capacity, our trainings position communities for meaningful progress and impact. 

Community Assistance. Direct, place-based projects that help local partners break down barriers and take action to create livable and sustainable communities. 

Tools and Insights. Building on our place-based work, we provide research, stories, and practical tools to inspire and assist local leaders working to create livable places. 

If any of these seem like the right fit for your community, give us a call, maybe we can help.

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