The Silverton Compass Project Film


The positive response to the recent New York Times article about the Compass Project in Silverton has been humbling and exciting. Many have asked to learn more, so we’re sharing the project film, which we completed with Tucker Cocchiarella (@travelswithtucker on Instagram) to help share the story of the project.

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  • Civic Health
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  • Community
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  • Economy
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  • Placemaking

2 responses to “The Silverton Compass Project Film

  1. Silverton Compass Project… This is a terrific story! A true social miracle! As a retired meeting facilitator… I do declare: Well Done! You launched a Charette-style workshop and it evolved/matured to fruition! Community Spirit and Economic Growth! Super-Wow! I believe in THAT kinda magic!

  2. I just heard about your success on morning Joe on MSNBC
    As part of most exciting stories from 2023.

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