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12 Days of Housing

As we prepare to celebrate this holiday season during what has been a very turbulent year, we’re focusing on one of our priorities that feels especially important right now: housing. The pandemic, racial justice uprisings, the election, and change in work, life, and parenting have had implications on an already stressed housing landscape in Western communities. 

We are seeing the populations of unhoused people rise, while others are displaced from their communities at climbing rates due to mass migrations from cities into the West. Many people are able to leave urban centers, work remotely, and start a new chapter in places across this region. These places were already at a loss for how to create affordable housing and sustain the working populations in their communities. Not to mention, places continue to tackle the codes, civic fracture, leadership struggles, and other factors that were always present in creating a future of quality and accessible housing for all.

Though we always talk about housing at Community Builders, it is more relevant now than ever. Over the next 12 days, we will be releasing new and vintage CB content about some of the many sides of housing in the West. From caroling in livable neighborhoods to equity in rural housing, we will be exploring housing in the West with you.

You’ll hear from all of our seven team members throughout these 12 Days of Housing, and we hope you will join and interact with us this holiday season!

Happy holidays! -The CB Team

*Click the buttons below to access the day’s resource. The 12 Days of Housing starts on December 14th and ends on December 25th. Each day will become clickable at 10am MST.*

Day 1



Day 2

Zoning Code Coal/ Presents

Missing Middle in Burbs

Day 3

4 Housing Hits

Laramie Story

Day 4

Proof We’re Not Building Enough Housing

Breaking the Code Toolkit

Day 5

ADU Bandit

One Word: Rentals

Day 6

Merry Missing Middle Hunt

Durango ADU Policy

Day 7

COVID Housing Inventory

Lovell Project Story

Day 8

Bud’s Neighborhood Tour

Lander Project Story

Day 9

Housing Segregation in the West

Affordable Housing Means Talking Equity

Day 10

Caroling in Livable Neighborhoods

Preserving Small Town Character

Day 11

Housing and Climate Graphics

The Climate Connection Webinar

Day 12

Housing Wish List

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