How COVID is Impacting the Housing Market

As we near the end of 2020, the CB team has naturally been reflecting on what a crazy year it’s been. Like all of you, we’ve had to pretty drastically change our habits, our behaviors, and our social lives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID has impacted nearly everything that we do from buying groceries (don’t forget the T.P.), going to work, and even housing. We’ve gathered some articles that we’ve found especially interesting and informational in relation to housing in the West during the pandemic.

As you read through these articles, you’ll probably notice a theme- people are flocking to smaller communities from more densely populated urban areas. This in turn is putting stress on many housing markets that were already stretched pretty thin pre-COVID.

Additionally, instead of home values staying stagnant or dropping due to the pandemic as was initially predicted, we’ve actually seen quite the opposite. Only time will tell whether these trends continue or if it’s another effect of the crazy times we’re living in.

Why Colorado’s Housing Market Looks Hot Even Though Coronavirus is Ravaging the County

The Colorado Sun

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Boom Town – Amenity Migration in the Rural West & the Rise of the “Zoom Town”

Utah State University’s Gateway & Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Initiative

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Zoom Towns – Why Your Last Vacation Getaway May Be Your Next Home


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Zoom Towns And The New Housing Market For The 2 Americas


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Why Colorado’s Housing Market Looks So Hot Even Through Coronavirus is Ravaging the Economy

The Colorado Sun

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The New York Times: Pandemic Crowds Bring ‘Rivergeddon’ to Montana’s Rivers.

New York Times

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7 Findings on COVID-19’s Impact on Housing

Habitat for Humanity

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