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  1. Good morning,
    Our Economic Development District is in line to receive EDA funds to assist with regional recovery efforts in our five county region of SC MT. Billings via Big Sky EDA particular. My question is in regard to doing a bigger regional project or separate county by county efforts?
    Thom and Dianne from Big Sky EDA speak highly of your program.

    1. Great question Steve! Of course the answer varies greatly based on a lot of factors, but we think regional approaches are typically important. But, it’s also important to tailor regional efforts to reflect the geography of your economic areas. For example, if your “commuter shed” goes across county lines (people commonly live in one county and work in another), then a multi-county regional approach might be appropriate. If most of your workforce lives with a 10-minute drive of your downtown or job center, then a local approach might be more appropriate. Also note that many economy-building actions or tactics need to be implemented on a local scale, so regional economic development efforts should be prepared to support local actions (i.e. using regional funding or planning to support a more localized maker district, etc.)

  2. Community Builders always puts out impressively helpful stuff – thanks for this, passing along to others!
    Alamosa – San Luis Valley and SW Colorado

    1. Glad to hear it, Jeff. We’ll be adding more and more to it, both additional components, as well more tools/resources, so don’t hesitate to pass along things you are learning. Thanks for all your work. Keep in touch w us as your efforts there unfold.

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