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Our years of experience working with western communities enable us to work on a variety of issues related to land use, transportation and economic development. And as a community leader, you may be wondering how we can help your community. The short story is: if you’ve got a problem, we can likely help.

We are creative problem solvers who tailor our approach to working in each community based on the particular needs and issues it faces. Because we are a charitable nonprofit organization, many of the ways in which we can work with your community can be little to no cost to you. But sometimes we serve in the same capacity as a contracting firm does.

Our Charitable Assistance:

  • Community Assistance. We provide free technical assistance to western communities on a diverse range of issues generally related to land use, planning and economic development. Our New Mobility West initiative provides free technical assistance on transportation related projects.
  • Training. Our training program tackles a wide variety of learning objectives from leadership, action planning, and implementation strategies related to our core areas of focus. Attendees typically receive free attendance, room and board to attend. 
  • Research. Understanding how key issues are affecting the west is crucial to our work. Our reserach program unravels many of the West's drivers of change and offers strategic advice and recommendations for how to respond. 
  • Webinars. We offer free webinars on a wide range of issues facing western communities. Every webinar is recorded and made available for later viewing. 

Our Contract Services:

We will occasionally enter into contracts and financial partnerships with different entities to advance shared goals. Contract services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Physical planning
  • Subarea planning
  • Transportation planning
  • Economic development
  • Design charrettes and visioning
  • Policy analysis / development
  • Leadership development
  • Group facilitation
  • Public engagement and outreach
  • Strategic communications
  • Analysis and research

If what you’re interested isn’t listed here, please give us a call—chances are, we can help.

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