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About the Job:

Assistance is the most direct way we help communities achieve meaningful on-the-ground progress. Working hand in hand with local partners, we help communities identify, design, and implement strategies that respond to local needs and opportunities. Grounded in a commitment to inclusive engagement and strengthening civic capacity, assistance projects address the key challenge at hand while making the community better prepared to tackle future challenges or opportunities on its own.

We are seeking a new team member to lead these types of assistance projects, helping communities address tough issues such as affordable housing, economic diversification, downtown revitalization, building complete streets, and more. This person will collaborate with community partners across the American West to design inclusive project processes that lead to real solutions. We are looking for someone who can lead projects collaboratively, taking ownership of their role while effectively utilizing their team and delegating as needed. This person must also be able to collaborate with a variety of external partners, maintaining strong relationships and effective communication between local partners, funders, and other partners. This person must also bring an attitude and desire to create policy and systems change to advance more livable communities for all.

What You Might Do in a Day:

● Design a facilitated workshop for local leaders to help them understand how community and economic development are closely related and apply these concepts to their town.
● Execute a design charrette with a team of CB staff, local leaders, and some technical consultants.
● Present the findings of a public engagement process to a City Council.
● Lead an internal work session to develop a project approach for a new community we are working with.
● Work with our team on creative ways to deliver a plan through writing and visualizations.
● Facilitate a call with a local team to check in on the project process and communicate next steps.

This Job Might be for You If:

● You are a planning nerd. Do you find yourself taking pictures of intersections or Missing Middle housing when you travel? Do you have a cat named Jane (Jacobs)? Do you look up places on the H+T Index just for the fun of it? Does conducting a market analysis sound exciting and not at all boring? If any of these resonate with you, you’d likely fit in here.
● You love guiding tough conversations. You have worked your way through some challenging facilitation gigs and like finding creative ways to engage the community in important discussions.
● Collaboration is your jam. You enjoy working closely with a tight-knit team. You are comfortable collaborating as both a leader and manager, but you are equally comfortable playing a support role on projects.
● You have a black belt in project management. You are deeply organized, can move ideas into action, and live for checking boxes off your to-do list.

What We’re Really Looking for in an Applicant

● A Masters’ Degree or similar work experience that provides significant levels of technical practice within the field of community development. Relevant experience includes but is not limited to urban planning & design, community development, economic development, and placemaking.
● Excellent project management skills and experience.
● Ability to create clear and visually compelling plans.
● Strong communication skills: interpersonal, written and presentation.
● Solid understanding of local government procedures and processes.
● Highly organized with strong attention to detail.
● Passion for the communities we serve and the work we do.
● Ability to work as a cohesive team with a small group of highly skilled professionals to achieve outstanding outcomes for our communities.
● A strong work ethic and desire to grow personally and professionally.
● Minimum of three-years of relevant work experience.
● Proficiency in Spanish is highly preferred.

If you’re reading this job description and getting excited, but don’t think you’re qualified – apply anyway. We are looking for creative, innovative thinkers who are willing and ready to learn and grow with us.


The Project/Program Manager is a full-time position based in beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Community Builders offers a competitive salary and benefits package as well as exceptional professional development opportunities. To learn more about us, visit us at . Explore our publications, blogs and research and check out our projects.

To Apply:

If the above sounds like you, please submit the items listed below to: with the subject line, “Project/Program Manager.”

  1. Please briefly respond to the following questions:
    ● What compels you about our mission that has led you to apply?
    ● What are you looking for in a team?
    ● Where are you currently in your career and how do you wish to grow?
    ● What has your experience been working with communities?
  2. Resume
  3. References: Though they are not required at the time of submission, we will ask for references for any applicants that we consider for the position. We will notify applicants before calling any references and will not contact current employers without permission.

Please contact the above email address with any specific questions you may have. We will begin reviewing applications immediately. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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