Q&A: Building Better Places Training

Last week, the Community Builders duo, Jillian and Danielle, live-streamed their conversation and answered viewers’ questions about the upcoming Building Better Places training. We selected key sections of the stream that address common questions communities have about the training.

The American West is one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing parts of the country. While a lot of financial and policy solutions exist to address these problems, most communities lack the civic culture needed to put those solutions to work. The Building Better Places training helps local leaders develop the skills they need to effectively plan for growth and change. Over 2-1/2 days, community teams will cultivate leadership abilities and an understanding of planning, policy, development tools, community engagement, and strategies for implementation.

The following livestream videos are for the November 2019 training, but also apply to future Building Better Places trainings. Click here to see our latest Trainings.

[Update] The next Building Better Places training is taking place February 10–12, 2020 in Grand Junction, CO. Team applications are due December 20, 2019. Learn more here.

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1. What is the Building Better Places Training?


2. This is not your typical conference setting. Can you explain what makes this training different than others?


3. What type of community would benefit from this training?


4. What will attendees gain from this training?


5. Can you describe the application process and what it means to apply as a team?


6. How can a team have a stronger application?


7. What is the expense teams can expect if they are accepted into the training?


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