Community Assistance

Today, communities of all sizes are looking to grow stronger and more prosperous. But many of the West’s small cities and rural communities don’t have access to the same resources of their larger peers. Our Community Assistance program fills this gap.

We provide direct technical assistance to deliver on-the-ground results, build local capacity and inspire future progress on the issues that matter most to communities. 


We recognize that communities are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities that our community assistance program can address. Community assistance projects will address one of our Priorities. No matter the issue a project addresses, engaged and educated community leadership is a key ingredient for successful implementation. That is why whenever we assist a community or region, we help creatively engage the public and build the strategic partnerships and leadership necessary for creating lasting change. 

Housing for Community:

Market demand is shifting towards a growing desire for walkable neighborhoods where places like schools, shopping, work and recreation are within walking distance. Our assistance helps communities achieve strategic infill and redevelopment to capitalize on this emerging market while improving existing neighborhoods, corridors and districts that are in need of investment. 

Housing for Community

Place Value:

A growing number of communities are dealing with significant population shifts that are affecting their housing markets: aging residents, young professionals, and multi-generational households. At the same time, communities are striving to become more economically competitive by diversifying and growing their jobs base but struggle to understand how to approach local economic development. We help communities understand housing and economic market trends in their own communities, and develop plans and policies that respond to them. 

Place Value

New Mobility West:

Transportation infrastructure is one of the largest expenditures a community will make. When built strategically, transportation can set the table for redevelopment and revitalization. We provide direct technical assistance to communities that want to integrate their transportation systems with their community and economic development goals to become more multimodal, vibrant places.  

New Mobility West

Building Better Places

Our Building Better Places initiative is focused on implementing a better approach to community growth and development. It’s a big shift that’s about creating communities that can stand the test of time. It’s about creating places people love. Places that defend against the effects of gentrification by encouraging community reinvestment.

Building Better Places


We are partners withThe Colorado Brownfields Partnership (CBP). We provide outreach and technical assistance to Colorado communities interested in redevelopment, renovation, and adaptive reuse of property. The CBP’s workshops and webinars educate Colorado communities about Colorado’s Brownfields Program and connect these communities with available funding for brownfields assistance, cleanup and redevelopment.

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The challenges communities face are often complex and multi-faceted. We take a strategic approach to working with communities, one that employs a wide-array of skillsets and expertise. 

Our approach is simple but impactful.

We beleive your community is just steps away from becoming more livable. We work in partnership with local leaders, buiness, and community members to:  

  • Develop a Vision. Communities with a shared sense of direction build urgency and purpose to their work.
  • Cultivate Leadership. Local leadership is the engine behind progress.
  • Align Plans with Policies. Put your vision into action by ensuring local plans, policies and codes support big-picture goals.
  • Get Things Done. Be action oriented; focus on project implementation and creating. 

Past Projects:

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