Housing for Community

No matter who you are or where you live, homes are essential to our way of life and the fabric of our communities.

Housing is fundamental to building successful communities.

Yet in many areas, housing costs are out of reach for many of the people who live and work there.

Communities without affordable housing choices struggle. Inadequate home supply depresses job and business growth. It increases regional traffic, impacting air quality in the short term and contributing to our changing climate in the long term.

People suffer too.

A lack of housing choices is associated with decreased economic mobility. Longer and more expensive commutes mean less time with our families and friends, and more money spent on gas and maintenance.

In extreme cases, lack of housing choices concentrates poverty and accelerates economic inequality.

The big picture?

Inadequate housing choices create economic and social ripples through a community that are difficult to fix.

That’s exactly why we are focused on this issue. Our Housing for Community Initiative concentrates on expanding housing choices and affordability in smart locations – close to existing infrastructure and within existing neighborhoods.

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