Building Better Places

Our communities are in peril.

Decades of established development practices have resulted in communities that are unaffordable, inconvenient and wasteful. We’ve grown, but at what cost?

Sprawl wastes money, reinforces segregation, and harms our environment for the land it consumes and emissions it creates.

Its clear: the we’ve been growing communities is not working.

Our Building Better Places initiative is focused on implementing a better approach to community growth and development. It’s a big shift that’s about creating communities that can stand the test of time. It’s about creating places people love. Places that defend against the effects of gentrification by encouraging community reinvestment.

We help communities repair places distorted by sprawl. We help communities grow smarter at the edge, and in established areas. We help create complete communities that are affordable, produce a range of housing choices, and help integrate people with their community.

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