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What we’re reading – Making Housing Affordable

Hey folks, it’s time for a few catchy items from around the world wide web:

Making housing affordable. Here’s how Portland, Maine is doing it.

Making Housing Affordable

Why people don’t ride public transit in small cities.

But, here’s another approach: The suburb that tried to kill the car.

And, in Denver, a new commuter rail line to the airport. Opening in April, at long last.

Home ownership might be cheaper, but most millennials are still opting to rent.

Bicyclists have a serious image problem. Here’s why.

Slower shopping = more spending.

Proximity to natural amenities and a quaint downtown are helping to make Kallispell the fastest growing city in Montana.

Here’s an exciting project we’re working on in Butte, Montana. And another one in Hailey, Idaho.

Was downtown Bozeman, Montana worth saving? We think so!

Have a minute (and a half)? Check out this cool time lapse of Boise:

Have a great weekend!


Alison Berry is a Program Manager at Community Builders.

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